What are Solar Garden Lights?

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If you have a garden, you must have garden lights that give a luminescent glow to your garden area. But you may also want to make sure that these garden lights don't run up your electricity bills. Thus opt for the new age Solar Garden Lights. These are available in all shapes and sizes to fit all tastes and budgets. Varieties include ground stake lighting, hanging solar lights, solar decks and step lights, garden spotlights and low cost solar garden lights.

You can even pick from a wide range of styles that offer beautiful as well as durable Solar Garden Lights. Nowadays the concept of solar garden lights has taken the world by storm because they are powered by the energy of the sun. Thus these lights are harmless to the environment as well as cost effective because they do not add to your electric bill. Solar garden lights are a great tool for lighting your lawns and gardens with very little maintenance and installation costs. How does the thought of beautifying your garden at nil electricity cost sound to you?  Solar garden lights help you achieve that dream.  Just place your solar garden lights at any place in your garden and use the power of the sun to light your garden. It's as simple as that.

Some other great features of the solar garden lights are that they are ideal for gardens, courtyards, lawns, pathways, fountain sides and pool sides. They come with two specifications: either they have to be manually operated or you can buy one which has automatic operating systems and needs no manual operations. They are easy to operate and install and entail no hassles of complex cabling. Solar garden lights are low on maintenance as they operate fully on the solar energy from the sun. Even facilities like daytime charging and night time illumination are available in specific solar garden lights. For other solar garden lights you can use batteries for night operations.

Solar Garden lights can immensely enhance the beauty of a garden. With new products available in the market now all the earlier limitations of conventional solar garden lights like limited hours of operation, inadequate lighting, inefficient charging and less storage capacity etc. are eliminated drastically. Made from superior quality steel, the new solar garden lights exhibit impressive performance and require the barest of maintenance. Some even offer fancy services like switching on automatically at dusk and switching off at dawn. Solar garden lights are installed with adjustable solar panels which convert the trapped solar energy into DC power and allow it to function at night. Due to this complex configuration, the light automatically gets switched on at dark and functions efficiently till next morning

Solar garden lights are ideal for homes, hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping malls and general public areas like public gardens, parks and roadsides. These can be easily installed on top of poles. Such great features of these solar operated garden lights make it a favorite among a lot of individuals and organizations.

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What are Solar Garden Lights?

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This article was published on 2010/10/07