Visit The Paradise On Earth Before You Die

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Have you ever wondered why it is only Kashmir which is named as the paradise on earth? Why there are no other regions even nominated for this precious tag? There is a reason behind this and it is still valid even today when terror has overwhelmed the beautiful place called Kashmir. There is no comparable picturesque beauty as that of Mughal Gardens in Kashmir.

Now lets contemplate on the name called Mughal Gardens. There is no place called Mughal Gardens as such. In fact this is the name given to the collection of beautiful gardens like Shalimar Garden, Nishat Garden and the Chasmashahi- the Royal Spring. The former part of the name Mughal Gardens called Mughal derives from the fact that these gardens were made by the Mughal emperors. Although they were created by them for their sweetesthearts but now they are the major tourist destinations in the North India.

When the big spaces are adorned with greenery all around and crowned with hundred types of flowers distinguishing in smell, shapes and colours, it has to look good. There is no other option. It is like the cherry on the cake when such spectacular view is accompanied with picturesque lakes with clear water all around. India tour packages take you to all these places if you wish.

Shalimar garden is too big to be seen in a single glimpse. The extent of its beauty cannot be described in words and when you take a look at it, you are speechless in the very first moment. Initially called Farah Baksh and made especially for Nur Jahan (the wife of Jehangir), this garden is famous for the symbol of love it reflects. It is a four storied garden with a canal in the center which adds to its beauty. The lightening and fountain in the evening adds diamonds to its beauty.

Nishat Garden, built by Nur Jahans brother is famous for its Chinar trees lined up giving an impression of an organised nature. Although it is smaller than Shalimar Gardens, it is no less in the extent of its beauty. It has twelve floors symbolically representing each of the zodiac signs.

Last but not least, Chashmashahi (the smallest of Mughal Gardens) is built by Shahjahan (who built Taj Mahal) and is given its name based on the fact that it is touched by same water spring. It has three terraces and is considered worth taking a look. With the landmark of Nehru Memorial Park, this particular garden has waterfalls and fresh water spring to refresh the eyes of the visitors.
One is not sure where will one go after death. Therefore, dont miss this golden opportunity to visit the paradise on earth with the India tour.
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Visit The Paradise On Earth Before You Die

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This article was published on 2010/11/03