The Award Winning Flower Garden In Thailand

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Standing at an impressive height of 950 metres above the sea level, the Mae Fah Luang garden is like a vibrant tapestry made of exotic flowers of which different varieties come up each season. This well manicured garden in Thailand is probably the most magnificent one in all Thailand and in the Asia Pacific region, the winner of PATA award for Tourist site Development.

The garden is located on a route where there a great many remarkable sites to be viewed along the way. Along the way to the garden, there is the Doi Tung palace as well as the Akka and Muser tribal villages. The garden is a remarkable array of flowers which were especially grown with the purpose of offering the visiting Thai community a chance to experience these temperate floras. The gardens are extensively manipulated and those who prefer orderliness and neatness will enjoy the well paved borders, trimming of greenery and extensive tending of plants, which clearly results in the maintaining a ravishing garden without any disarray. Over 70 species of flowers and shrubbery grow healthily in these temperate climates and spread their vibrancy to captivate the garden visitors throughout the year. In between this newly planted plants and flowers, native shrubbery and foliage grows amongst the landscaped garden plots.

The bronze statue that is called the continuity is the centerpiece of the garden, standing at the very centre as a tribute to the Princess Mother who took much pains to improve the living standards of some of these less privileged Thai community. 10 acres of land is thus filled up with moderate climate plantation which owe their origin to the Princess Mother. While the garden is maintained and cared for by local villagers, it is also an asset to the villagers in terms of providing employment as well as offering excellent revenue as a budding tourist attraction.

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The Award Winning Flower Garden In Thailand

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This article was published on 2011/04/12