Portable Garden Vs. Kitchen Garden

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The idea of a portable garden has actually been around as elongated as the idea of a basic garden. Portable garden is less complex than permanent ones. These gardens are fairly inexpensive, easy to set up, and provide protection from cooler night temperatures and early morning killing frosts. Many gardeners like to set the portable garden up in late summer and fill them with their container gardening endeavors.

An even smaller version of a portable garden could be called a mini garden. These minis are as diverse in style and design as their larger garden counterparts. Mini gardens are designed to hold just a few plants and can be put almost anywhere. A cold frame mini garden is a small box made of the same material that a normal garden is composed of. They can be a great choice for beginners looking to try their hand at organic gardening without a large initial investment.

Building a portable garden planter will allow you to grow your fruits and vegetables on your porch or deck in your apartment or condo. Because they are portable, you can move them to a more sunny location or pull them into the shade on a hot day.

The importance of the kitchen garden has been high in history. Nowadays, creating a kitchen garden may have some similar aims. It may be a means to stretch the budget by growing food at home that wont need to be purchased at a grocery store.

Growing conditions of kitchen garden include the following, which are: full sun to partial shade, well-drained, mildly acidic/alkaline, neutral and moist soil, soil having a proper ph level, proper seeds with specified germinating period, well-rotten manure or compost added to the soil, transplanting the plant outdoors in rich, well-drained soil, adding peat moss or mulch to ensure draining, and fertilizing every two to three months in the growing season to ensure heaviest bloom.

A kitchen garden may be highly ornamental, featuring lots of other plants that can make any garden pretty, or then can be very simple; with just a few plots to grow food a family would enjoy eating.

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Portable Garden Vs. Kitchen Garden

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This article was published on 2011/01/27