Indoor Garden Vs. Kitchen Garden

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Every individual wants a well-decorated house. People can go to any extent to make their homes look beautiful. But nothing can match what gardens can do to home. A garden not only enhances the beauty of the house but also helps in bringing close to nature. Having the natural greens around can turn home into a place of protection. Having a garden does not only mean having a lawn and some flowering plants. The worst thing about gardening is the pesky weeds.

Indoor garden makes it easy and affordable to create a more inviting business environment, enhance company's image, boost employee morale, attendance and productivity, help reduce employee stress levels, and filter out airborne pollutants and odors with the expert use of live foliage. A full maintenance service for long-term rentals is provided to ensure that plants are kept clean and well watered. Indoor garden plants come in attractive pots that can be matched to suit office dcor. Indoor garden ranges of planters are mostly Volatile Organic Chemical free, sub irrigated and in most cases 100% recyclable.

Eating greens is the way to health, and if greens are grown, there will be health and happiness. By taking up any creative activity there is perfect satisfaction, gardening included. Kitchen garden adds so much spice to one's life. Elderly people lay much emphasis on the importance of garden produce for good diet. Growing salads using vegetables and having an occasional fruit tree to provide, lemons, mangos, and coconuts, the table will be very inviting with the occasional tomato, cucumber or lettuce picked minutes before eating.

Most of the kitchen garden is free from all chemicals and poisons when grown. By planting a good seed, providing organic manure and kitchen waste and water - that is all. No fertilizer, no poisonous insecticide, fungicides, viricides, bactericides, or weed killer. Any poison put on the crop, has to be to eaten self in the end. Just remember this simple truth. The more shiny and blemish free the produce, the more chance that they are loaded with residual poisons. Insects are nature's food tasters in this chemical infested agriculture. The principal requirements of the kitchen garden are seeds, manure, land /containers, handy implements and supports. Therefore decision has to be taken as to which seeds are to be bought after getting the consensus of the family, only that should be chosen which is liked by all, a judicious mix, and raised in very small quantities just to meet the requirements. Also these should be spaced properly so that the crop matures in stages and not all at once. The manure of the kitchen garden can be supplemented by kitchen waste and sweepings. If inoculated with vermiculture the soil would be enriched. It would be prudent to divide the available space into three parts: Seed and Stem crops, Root crops, and Greens. Rotating these crops by interchanging will give them a spurt in growth and productivity.

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Indoor Garden Vs. Kitchen Garden

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This article was published on 2011/01/05