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Hydroponics has a lot of the same characteristics of regular gardening.  For example, the plants still require adequate lighting, water, humidity and temperature.  Rather than soil an aggregate such as small round stones are used to give the roots support.  The roots are supplied with nutrients by way of the nutrient solution.

Did you know you could grow a garden inside?  Setting up a hydroponic garden inside your house is not too hard to do and it has many benefits.  Plants can grow just as well indoors as they do outside.  When setting up a hydroponics system, this is something you should ponder.

A few more things you may want to think about are PH levels, watering schedules, temperature, and lighting. 

  • PH The pH of the nutrient solution is something you have to be careful about.  The solution is usually kept between five or six after you mix up the solution.  The pH can be checked several ways with strips, a liquid test kit, or a digital meter.  Strip tests being the least expensive and the digital meter the most expensive.
  • Watering Schedule Since the plants get their nutrients from a solution that is added to their aggregate, they need to be "fed" several times a day to receive the nutrients they need to survive.  Ideally, they should be fed three times daily.  Most systems utilize a pump that is hooked to a timer to accomplish this.
  • Temperature Plants need a temperature between 71 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit to have the best results.  However depending on what you were growing this may change.
  • Lighting Outdoor systems rely on the sun for their lighting.  Indoor plants take special consideration.  If you have a window that receives light for a good part of the day, you could place your plants in front of it.  Popular choices for artificial lighting are metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and fluorescent.
  • Humidity It is a good idea to keep the humidity of the room you choose to grow in between 40% and 60%.  If you let the humidity go below 40% the water might evaporate to quickly and the plants could become too dry. If the humidity gets to high you may experience problems with root rot and mold.

 If you want to start a garden, a hydroponic garden is easy to set up. The benefits seem almost endless!  Since there isn't any soil involved, you don't have to get dirty and you won't have to weed either.  Plus, hydroponic systems tend to have higher yield than regular gardens.  Lastly, water is not wasted in this system.  It is collected and used ageing and again.  You can obtain the parts you need to build one or a kit at most home and garden stores. 




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Hydroponic Grow Systems

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Hydroponic Grow Systems

This article was published on 2012/03/28