Growing your own Fruit and Vegetables Vol. 1

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Whether you have a few townhouse planters or acres with a massive plot or are thinking of getting an allotment, growing vegetables is tasty, satisfying and healthy. From carrots to Courgettes and potatoes in pots, here's a rough guide to everything about growing your own!

So if you're even thinking of growing your own, we'll start here by giving you a few reasons why you should grow your own!

Fresh food

For a true, hands on healthy experience, if growing nearby to your home, you could find yourself preparing a fresh meal within hours or even minutes of picking your fruit or veg from where you have grown it.

As expected, most veg and fruit will begin to lose their flavour, natural vitamins, and general freshness once picked. Save the need and hassle when picking up your foods from a supermarket, and know anything bought from there is at least a day old anyway.

You can have a peace in your mind knowing you're not adding to food travel miles either, so it's a win-win situation if you're keen to keep it green. And just imagine, ripe, freshly picked, sun kissed tomatoes instantly prepared and ready to be chucked into a salad with other interesting grown treats you have cultivated!


With commercially produced vegetables and fruit, you're not going to be 100% clear of what's in it and what's been added, as well as the whole production process!

At least with your own, it's under your control! If you feel the need to control pests and diseases, use pesticides you know and feel appropriate otherwise you can take preventative measures into your own hands.

Be even more organic and choose organic products over artificial ones, such as fertilisers, nutrients and soil enhancers. This way you can be crystal clear of what is going into your plants and also what's going into your body.


Stating the obvious but yes, you can save some of your own money from supermarket purchases by growing your own! Where possible, the larger and more spaces you have available to grow, the more you'll cut back on. With that said, even with a few patio pots, it'll still help you save from what you spend out and about!

And if you're concerned with what space you have available, you should be trying to get the most worthwhile crop return from the smallest possible space to plant, otherwise its worth taking a peek at what an allotment can do for you.

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Growing your own Fruit and Vegetables Vol. 1

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This article was published on 2014/02/06