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Lean-to Greenhouses Building & Construction Information

Lean to Greenhouse KitsDo you want to build a greenhouse, but do not have enough room for a stand-alone one out in the middle of the yard?

Then the lean-to greenhouses might be what you are looking for.

  • There is some information you need when you are planning this type of greenhouse.
  • Read on to learn some facts, which will help you decide whether a lean-to model will do what you want it to.



You must consider that with this type of structure you will not have the same space as with a freestanding one.

However, when you want a small greenhouse and do not have a lot of yard space this will fit your needs just fine. Remember, this is about half the size of a full one and sometimes not even that.


Greenhouse Plans for Lean to GreenhousesDo you have some space on an outside wall that has a door in it also?

  • This is a perfect spot for a lean-to greenhouse.
  • Also though, make sure the spot gets enough sunlight during the day to make it worthwhile.
  • Without enough light, your plants will not thrive.


Lean-to Greenhouse PlansThe main advantage to the lean-to greenhouse models is that they will be near electrical connections and a water source. You will not have to make special provisions for these things. Just make a connection for the lights, heaters (if needed) and water into the main electrical or water pipes of the house.

Another benefit to this type of structure is it takes up less space. Even if you have a good-sized yard, you might not want to take the space up with a full-sized greenhouse. If you are just dabbling with a few plants, why have more space then you really need.  


It is harder to have the right ventilation in the lean to greenhouse. The walls are needed for support so not as much can be done compared to a full-size one.

Lean Hobby Greenhouse Kit

Temperature control could become an issue that will take extra attention to monitor it.

Since it is not as large, it may not get as much sun. But this is part of what you need to analyze when selecting a location.

The biggest disadvantage though, is the limited space.

  • It will be hard for you to expand upon your gardening beyond what you start with.
  • You might like it so much that you want to add more plants along the way.


After you have constructed your lean-to greenhouse then you have to accessorize it.

  • You will have to remember to measure your space for the tables you need to put your plants on.
  • Also make sure everything will fit comfortably through the door.
  • Now you will be ready for the plants, pots and the supplies to go in.

Having a place to grow your plants in a controlled environment will help cut down on insects and diseases.

You will see that your plants with thrive easier and produce more of a harvest of blooms, vegetables or herbs. So plan and build your lean-to greenhouse today.

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Greenhouse Plans for Lean to Greenhouses

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This article was published on 2011/03/10