Garden Pagoda - Calming Accent To Any Space

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A garden pagoda is a miniature replica of a real pagoda building and is used for decorative purposes in homes and gardens. It is typically placed near bridges, ponds or streams in a garden setting. They draw attention, create a focal point and adds interest to interior decor or outside landscape. Many people feel that they function as a guard at an entrance.

A pagoda is a common term in the English language that describes a tiered tower with multiple eaves common in Japan, China, Vietnam, Nepal, Korea and other parts of Asia. Most pagodas are used for religious functions by Buddhists. It is a traditional architectural style used in many oriental countries. They are found in a wide range of international locations and can be seen with many designs and styles.

The design elements hold special meaning. For example the four legs the tower sits on represents strength. Many have a lotus on the top which represents the Buddha. Traditional pagodas have nine tiers that are said to represent the nine heavens in the Buddhist pantheon. More contemporary styles sometimes have as many as thirteen stories. These miniature pagodas can be purchased from a wide range of different stores. You can check out your nearest garden shop for these decorative pagodas. You can also purchase these via the internet, but be sure research the store's reputation and the quality of pagodas they are selling.

Always factor in the shipping charge and other expenses that may occur returning merchandise that is damaged or not to your liking. This accessory will add to the decorative arrangement of your garden and help create a peaceful ambiance. Some pagodas even offer ambient lighting during the night, while some are crafted with accurate detail. Many customers use these pagodas as a bird feeder, and others as a fountain accessory. There are endless possibilities for these pagodas in your home or garden.

A garden pagoda are ideal for anyone who intends to create an oriental aesthetic design. These miniature pagodas are commonly statue-like stone structures that mimic and recreate the architectural characteristics of a typical pagoda. These pagodas will look great and accentuate gardens that feature small stairways, bridges and masonry. They are mostly constructed of stone, marble and wood.

These miniature pagodas may cost as little as $10 and can go upwards of $200 depending on the style, size and features it has. Some stand as tall as 95 inches, while others come in tiny sizes to hang in trees. When planning your garden make sure to place these pagodas where they are meaningful to you. You can add graceful charm to your garden with mini garden pagoda statues. They will provide you with beauty and a calming environment that will help you relax anytime of day.

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Garden Pagoda - Calming Accent To Any Space

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This article was published on 2011/01/04