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Flowers have different meanings to different people, but did you know that they actually have meanings officially? Some signify death or life, and some are more apt to buy for the birth of a new baby than others. They can signify loss, deceit, love or marriage, and how do you know the right ones to send for the right occasion?

The olive branch is a universal symbol of peace, and oak symbolises bravery. These are used in war bouquets and to symbolise peace.

Honeysuckle was given in the olden days to signify generous and devoted affection, while pansies, poppies, marigolds and pine branches are fabled to have given your thoughts to a person, in times of despair, to console and give pity. A mourning person would respond by sending back a bouquet of mimosa and elm branches, which was said to mean that they are still sad yet coping with their loss with dignity.

If you decorate the door of your home with oak branches you are welcoming people and offering hospitality, and adding lemon branches in the foliage means that the host has zest and vigour, and the guests will have a good night.

Some plant meanings are a little more obvious, like the Venus fly trap which signifies deceit and danger, while the daffodil is reminiscent of egotism and vanity, as the Latin name narcissus suggests.

Some flowers and plants are misconstrued, for example the shamrock which is thought to represent leprechauns, and symbolise luck, but actually means light heartedness. Mistletoe is thought to mean a kiss, but it actually symbolises the surmounting of difficulty.

A bride should have blue violets and forget me nots in the posy, but they must be surrounded by ivy. This means that the bride is offering a faithful and true love in her marriage and sees the union as being forever.

All these flowers can be grown in the garden of your home, and will bring you happiness because of their bright colours and lively hues.

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Flower Meanings

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This article was published on 2011/07/08