Designing a Beautiful Garden With Hardscaping

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Having a well designed garden is like having an oasis of peace, even when you are working with it you will probably feel happy.

Whatever type of garden you have will only be more beautiful when you pay attention to the hardscaping elements of the design.

Paying attention to the non plant details of your garden (hardscaping) can give your garden a unique personality of its own. It can really make your garden stand out and reflect your personal tastes.

Garden statues, fountains, fencing, and stepping stones all add layers to your garden and make it stand out from the pack.

When you are looking at the different kinds of things that you can put in your space you should consider several different things before you get started. Among them are your personality and what kind of design and style you are looking for in your garden.

Hardscaping can be both functional and decorative. Some examples of functional elements are stepping stones that lead you down a path, garden gates, and fences that define a garden. These items should both serve there purpose but also be beautiful.

For instance if you have an Asian inspired garden you may want to consider bamboo fencing and a pergola type arch to continue the theme of the garden. On the other hand if you have a perennial cottage garden than a white picket or wrought iron fence with flagstone stepping stones would be appropriate.

There are instances in which hardscaping is purely decorative. These are where you should really let your personality shine. Garden statues and fountains allow you to bring nearly any element you wish to your space.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to placing statues and fountains in your garden is to stick to 1 large piece per major garden area or several small pieces grouped together. This keeps your garden elegant (or even fun) without getting overwhelming.

Learning to pay attention to these elements of your garden in addition to the plants can really make your garden stand out.

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Designing a Beautiful Garden With Hardscaping

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This article was published on 2010/03/27