All You Wanted to Know About A Garden Arch

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A garden arch is a simple structure that is built to mark the entrance to a garden path or to an outdoor leisure area. Archways in a garden not only help create a beautiful picturesque look of your outdoor spaces, but can be used to highlight entrance ways and connect different division of landscape. There are different styles of arches, namely the Gothic arch, the fruit tree arch, the Roman arch, the flat arch and the traditional French arch. These garden structures can either be placed in your garden as a feature on their own or can be covered with beautiful climbing plants to create a focal point in your garden.
Types of Arches

Wood Arches: Wooden arches are considered one of the cheapest arches and are usually preferred by those looking for a more natural looking product. A perfect choice for cottage rose garden, wood arches are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs and are usually weather resistant to prevent decay.

Metal Arches:  These types of arches are made from aluminum or lighter steel and prove to be a perfect choice for an urban garden.  Metal arches are sturdy and light weight and can be fixed easily into the soil. They are usually decorated with roses or vines can be placed at the entrance to make your garden look more grand and fascinating.

How to Decorate a Garden Arch

When decorating archways in garden, it is important that you select the right plant that best suits your garden. Planting them at the base can help these plants grow around the structure naturally, thereby providing a shady and spectacular look. To enhance archways in garden, you can use flowers, ribbons or balloons or add extra lighting to your arch to make it look beautiful in the night.
Tips for Buying Arches

If you are one those people who looking to buy a garden arch, considering these simple factors can help you get a perfect arch for your garden.

Height: When purchasing arches for your outdoor space or garden, it is important that you make sure that the height of the arch is tall enough to allow people walk through comfortably. Apart from this, choosing the right type of climbing plant according to the height of the plant is also essential to prevent your visitors to duck when they happen to walk through the arch.

Width:  When buying or building a garden arch, it is essential that you ensure the width of the arch should be such that it allows two people to use it side by side comfortably.

Weight:  The fact that many light weight, decorative metal arches are not strong enough to hold weighty plants, choose an arch that is well suited to bear the weight of the plant that you are planning to grow on it.

A garden arch is a simple yet versatile garden structure that can make your garden look beautiful and dramatic. Archways in garden that are covered with roses, jasmine or other climbers not only provide a long lasting fragrance  each time you happen to pass through them, but also suggest that you are entering a place that is new and special.

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All You Wanted to Know About A Garden Arch

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All You Wanted to Know About A Garden Arch

This article was published on 2013/06/28